Buying Parts for the Freetronics Protoshield Basic

The Freetronics Protoshield Basic is a cool little prototyping board for the Arduino. It ships as a PCB to which you generally want to add some basic components before use. Freetronics offer a guide as to how to fit the components, but don’t actually provide links to any specific supplier.

So, here are the part numbers for the components I use from element14. The prices below were captured on December 19, 2011 from the Australian element14 website and are in Australian Dollars. The total component cost was 68.80 cents. Cheap!

I haven’t included stackable or non-stackable headers here. I’ve used the Sparkfun Arduino Stackable Header Kit.

Component Quantity Required element14 Part Number Unit Price (AUD)
100nf (0.1f) ceramic capacitor 2 1694101 $0.139
LED 1 1581123 $0.077
Resistor 1 9339418 $0.043
Reset switch 1 1656425 $0.29

Last updated: December 19th, 2011